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Why Branding Has Its Benefits

The idea behind our approach to creating branding statements for our clients is to relate to the consumer emotionally, first. This is important, because people act on emotions. They think about practicalities, logically weighing pros and cons (sometimes to a fault). But they are ultimately moved to action by how they feel. That’s why we write theme lines that touch responsive chords of emotion in typical human beings. In other words, we push their “hot buttons.”

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Why Branding is the Key to Success

As I travel around the country meeting with business owners, there’s one thing you’ll always hear me say. In fact, it’s become an Otis Conner trademark. Our company was built by branding – that’s how we get consumers to think about a product or service when they make an independent decision that the product or service could be in their immediate future.

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I hear it all the time from managers at our stations.  People always ask, “How does Otis Conner create such great campaigns time after time?” At The Axcess Group, we believe that an effective advertising campaign stems from an effective strategy. The strategy sets...

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Otis is happily married to the lovely Karen – for whom he has penned several songs. Karen’s years as a sought-after model and actress have given her a thorough understanding of print, film, and video production techniques and allowed her to hone her skills as a…

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Perhaps his proudest achievement is his daughter Lacey Conner Sculls. Nationally recognized as the slinky siren of such shows as VH-1’s Rock of Love and Charm School, Lacey also has a flourishing career as a singer/songwriter in her own right, including as lead singer…

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In years past, Otis Conner has been named a member of the Steering Committee for the National Association of Broadcasters, and Parade Magazine selected him as one of the “Twenty-five Most Outstanding Young Businessmen in the USA” Otis Conner has…

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