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Yes, the music certainly makes it memorable, but the branding statement The Axcess Group creates for each client is the heart of the advertising message and a key component in the campaign. But it can’t achieve its maximum potential if it is not used to the fullest extent. So we encourage clients to apply it consistently and prove it up in everything they do.

Here’s an example of what we mean: McDonald’s consistently used the slogan, “You deserve a break today,” in all the company’s advertising, whether it was creating an image or selling specific items. The line was always there.

The slogan is strong because it suggests a general benefit for every consumer. But it becomes even more powerful when McDonald’s proves it up with specific benefits. The “break” you deserve becomes a price break, a quality break, a selection break, a service break, or a hamburger-fries-and-a-coke-for-$1.49 break.

In the same way, your slogan should be used in all your communications with the consumer. And it should be proved up with specific benefits in your print or announcer copy. You do this by wording that copy in such a way that it relates to the branding statement and builds on it, just as McDonald’s did by defining the “break.”