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Hello class.  Welcome back to the Otis Conner School of Advertising. 😉  But I do enjoy sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gained by doing this for so many years.

The idea behind our approach to creating branding statements for our clients is to relate to the consumer emotionally, first. This is important, because people act on emotions. They think about practicalities, logically weighing pros and cons (sometimes to a fault). But they are ultimately moved to action by how they feel. That’s why we write theme lines that touch responsive chords of emotion in typical human beings. In other words, we push their “hot buttons.”

We then prove it up in the copy by focusing on benefit selling. Benefit selling is a sales approach that addresses customer needs rather than the attributes and features of products or services. Attributes and features are merely characteristics of something – characteristics that exist independently of uses. Benefits, on the other hand, refer to the satisfactions that customers personally derive from (or perceive in) using a product or service.

Take an apple as a simple example. Its attributes and features are that it is red, round, of a certain size, weight, tartness or sweetness, juiciness, etc. Its benefits, however, are that it’s nourishing, luscious, thirst-quenching, hunger-satisfying, and more. See the difference?

Benefits connect the customer to the product or service in a personal way. They engage the imagination at a fundamental level – the level of needs and desires. That’s why at Axcess, we strive to advertise benefits rather than attributes and give customers the best of all reasons to buy.  Oh, by the way, there will be a test…