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As I travel around the country meeting with business owners, there’s one thing you’ll always hear me say.  In fact, it’s become an Otis Conner trademark.  Our company was built by branding – that’s how we get consumers to think about a product or service when they make an independent decision that the product or service could be in their immediate future. During our seminars, we create advertising campaigns that are designed to brand a business in the minds of their customers. Here are some of the reasons why.

To reach audiences, advertising uses a variety of media, each with its own strengths. Print, for example, is a great way to educate consumers. You can put a lot of information in a newspaper ad or a direct mail piece. But print doesn’t have the impact of a sight-and-sound medium like television. Print will never build brand awareness on its own!

On the other hand, the time constraints of commercials make broadcast media a poor information vehicle. There’s only so much you can say in a 30-second television spot or 60-second radio announcement. If you attempt to say too much, you’ll probably fail to communicate anything at all.

In fact, research shows that consumers can retain only three factual points from any 30-second TV spot. If pushed to remember more, they may not remember any. It’s information overload in too short a period of time. That’s why fast-talking, copy-point-crammed spots don’t work. They misuse the medium.

So what’s the proper use of television? What can it do well?

Used correctly, television builds brand awareness for advertisers in the minds of a consumer and allows them to present a direct-response message in a cohesive manner. That’s why The Axcess Group concentrates on creating campaigns that make our clients the ones people will remember when they’re ready to act.