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I hear it all the time from managers at our stations.  People always ask, “How does Otis Conner create such great campaigns time after time?” At The Axcess Group, we believe that an effective advertising campaign stems from an effective strategy. The strategy sets goals for the campaign and maps out the best way to reach them. So before we start creative work, we make sure we have a clear sense of strategic direction.

Some of it comes from the information we receive from the television station about a client before the seminar. But most of it comes from what the clients tell us during our meeting. You might be surprised by how much we can learn in that brief conversation, but 30+ years of experience have taught us the right questions to ask to elicit the most useful responses. Training and years of practice have also sharpened our ability to listen carefully, identify marketing problems and/or opportunities, and quickly focus on those that advertising can indeed address.

That’s how we ensure the branding statement, music, and lyrics we create for our clients will be on target. Later, back at our offices, we prepare a strategy document that guides our other creative people in developing a video concept and script for the campaign. This disciplined, orderly process keeps everyone on track and results in a coherent, strategy-based product that will work hard for them.

It may look like magic, but for the most part, it’s formulated.  And quite frankly, it all comes pretty naturally for me and my team. And when you do it as much and as often as we do, then you develop a real knack.  Think of it like this – professional golfers are out on the course on a daily basis.  Swinging a club nine hours a day can tend to get you pretty good at the game.  So they make it look easy. But for the weekend golfer like me, chasing that little ball can be quite a challenge. You can probably relate.